• Show your pictures best. Make an impact.
  • Edit, Contextualize, Share like you mean it.
  • Your life presented beautifully. Celebrate life.
  • A stream of substantial life updates. Get delighted.
  • Express yourself in a bunch of ways. Be yourself.
  • Picture Perfect

    PicLyf shows your pictures at a maximum of 820px width & unlimited height. Moreover a full-screen mode shows pics stretched fully on your screen.

    In Delightful Context

    Where was this taken? When? Who are the people in it? What's that thing right there? What else happened that day? Sharing your story has never been easier.

    Smooth Browsing

    Pics within the same day are preloaded, and easily browsed thru w/ keyboard navigation. Viewing your friends' day has never been easier.

    Not just Comments

    New ways of reacting to pictures! Comment, like, fave, share, point, whisper, emote. All the natural reactions you do in real life is now possible.

  • Lots of ways!

    Upload an image file, import from Facebook, Flickr or Dropbox, use your webcam or doodle a thought. Visualize your days in any way you want.

    Easy Context

    Date, time and place are automatically set when you upload a photo, then easily add a caption, notes and organize into topics. Quick and really easy!

    Tagging Power

    Tagging your friends, your things and even your watermark are all a click away. Let your followers explore your other stuff by clicking these tags.

    Little Photoshop

    Crop, rotate, change contrast, adjust brightness, adjust sharpness and a bunch of really useful tools built in.

  • Share Life

    The only page truly about YOU. Presented like pics on a coffee table with your faves and badges. Telling your story, your personality, your LIFE.

    Easy to Follow

    Have friends or family or fans follow you to push pic updates to their streams. Easily show pics from specific topics like Food, Pets or Things for sale.

    Three Topics

    Life, Things and Interests. A stream photo journal diary entries, a visual inventory of people's stuff and a stream of funny/interesting pics from the web.

    Slideshow Life

    Show pics laid out from newest to oldest in a slideshow-like timeline. Share your visual history in style and function.

  • We love pictures!

    Everything starts & ends with a picture. This real-time picture stream lets you keep track of your friends & family's in a visual, more visceral, universal way.

    Life, Things & more!

    Primary picture stream shows pictures about LIFE & THINGS while a secondary one show INTERESTING pics to laugh & talk about.

    Sensibly social

    Filter by relationship & distance. Restrict the stream to Friends, Following or Family. Helping you view relevant pic easily and sensibly.

    Fantastic filters

    Show pics uploaded today, or pics about food. How about things people are selling? You can do that in one-click with the sub-topic filters on the stream.

  • Control Privacy

    Easily set picture to be seen by Everyone (public), people who are following you or friends only. People become friends if you both follow each other.


    Express your unique and cool personality with a ton of wallpapers. Use your favorite color and add details like grain or grunge on top of it.

    Badges to Get

    Badges are virtal symbols of awesomeness. It also helps flesh out your personality and discover new activities to do in real life.

    Update Anywhere

    Available thru Email, iPhone, Android, Symbian. Soon to come to iPad, Facebook and Blackberry is very convenient to update anywhere.

Get more delight out of your pictures. Never forget a moment and all its details.

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