Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is PicLyf?Piclyf is a community around people sharing pictures about their lives, things & interests. It functions like a photo blog that has 3 main categories (LIFE, THINGS, INTERESTS) and a LOT of stuff to make it REALLY easy to create awesome pictures and talk about them.
  2. What can I do in PicLyf?PicLyf is mainly a place to make it really easy to share and talk about moments, cool things and funny pictures but a bunch of super useful features provides a new level of expressiveness and convenience;
    • Create a photo diary for personal or social reasons.
    • Share things you have, bought or collected.
    • Post and store interesting pictures you find all around the web.
    • Tell more about a picture by annotating it.
    • Have great conversations around a picture with the real-time commenting, pinpointing, whispering and 1-click reactions.
    • Crop, cut, rotate, edit brightness, contrast, color or sharpness of your photos.
    • Promote something with a visual content like a poster, flyer or a screenshot.
    • Doodle something quick to share to your social network.
    • Follow people's picture lives!
  3. Is it free?Absolutely
  4. If PicLyf is free, how do you stay in business?We will be as creative with a way to earn money to support this website but we will 100% do it without violating your privacy or misusing your pictures. Stay tuned!
  5. Who is PicLyf built for? PicLyf is suited for people with any of the following desire:
    • I want to document my life in a very fun way.
    • I want to be updated of my friends' and family's moments and not be filled with frivolous, trivial or shallow updates.
    • I want to have a photographic record of the things i have bought, sold, collected, broke, used in my life.
    • I want to bookmark, share, store cool pics i found on the webternet.
    • I want to one place to upload > edit > contextualize > share my photos in one place.
    • I want to meet new people using visual content like photos from my camera, mobile device, webcam or even a doodle.
    • I want to talk about photos in a better way. Pinpoint, faces, whispering lets me do that.
    • I want to discover new things to see and be inspired visually by what other are sharing.
    • I want to document my life in a very fun way.
  6. Is it safe to use?Yes, we care about our users more than anything. Your content will not be used without permission. We will continue to build security features in it and we aim to simplify, respect and suit our privacy settings to everyone's needs as we go along.
  7. How is PicLyf different from Facebook or Google+? PicLyf is all about sharing life's moments, the stuff around you IN PICTURES. In that sense, its a different experience since every shared thing on PicLyf are pictures not 1-sentence status updates, youtube videos, whole photo albums, game invites and tagging notifications. Our features all revolve around making sure updating and sharing your picture journals on PicLyfis as easy and delightful as it can be. From the built-in photo editor, annotation, face reactions, pinpointing, visual stream, topics, badges - they all contribute to that purpose and as a whole offers a new experience that is very complementary to Facebook or Google+
  8. I already have a Flickr or Picasa account, why should i join Piclyf?While Flickr and Picasa both handle photos, Piclyf is different since we help you tell a story with the photos you share and let it be a starting point of more social interaction. Flickr and Picasa acts more like a photo storage facility than a photo blog with lotsa social hooks.
  9. How does PicLyf compare to Tumblr or Blogger?We think PicLyf is closer to Tumblr and Blogger but ultimately offers a very different proposition. Tumblr lets you post different media like audio files or video and the rest of the features are more rooted in the traditional text-based blog post. Ditto with blogger.