Our API is available for beta-testing in August. Get in touch if you are interested in building some cool stuff for everyday people. :)

We are hiring

If you are someone who likes to

  • A. Make people happy
  • C. Get shit done
  • B. Change the world

Get in touch with us at jobs [at] piclyf.com. Open to impressive undergrads & relentless hackers. Here are some of the things to do at PicLyf HQ...

  • Build manage scalable web architecture... (nginx + Yii PHP + Graphismagick + MySQL + Redis + jquery (backbone, moustache) + SASS/HAML)
  • Manage and improve REST-based API for 3rd party developers
  • Design or code picture related Facebook apps
  • Design world-class iPhone, iPad, Mac and, Android apps for PicLyf
  • Build real-time web components related to interacting around pictures.
  • Help people appreciate life faster, easier, more securely
  • Improve user experience to generate more happiness per pic.
  • Design user interfaces, badges, campaigns and swags.
  • Manage a community of life-sharing and picture loving people around the world.
  • Connect with local brands and businesses to generate activities around sharing and promotions.

Sounds fun isn't it? (it is!). Help us make the team more kickass and apply now!