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  • Lotsa features for the feature lover
  • PicLyf is made by Twidl Inc. whose mission is to provide/build a valuable platform that allows a new level of efficiency in communication, self-expression, and visual discovery of interesting peope or topics. To get more details feel free to say hello here.

  • Visual Diary

    PicLyf offers the most tools around putting meaning and context around pictures weaving your life visually over time.

    Photo blog

    A very capable place for your photography talent awaits with a laser focus on the fun and social part of the profession or hobby.

    Your portfolio

    Pictures include not just photos but designs, art, logos, painting, sketches, etc. The best part is its within the context of your life.

    Lots more uses

    Save interesting images, keep tabs of relatives, store images, use it as a social network, PicLyf is very versatile!

    • Pictures only update feed, possibly the most effective way to keep track of friends and family's photo journals.
    • Follow people easily and if you both follow each other you automatically become friends!
    • Set your privacy settings to letting everyone, followers, or friends only view your pictures.
    • The easiest category system anywhere, just click on three main topics (Life, things or interest) and go from there.
    • Life topic is all about your life - work, play, food, pets, people, happenings, events, travel.
    • Things topic is all about the things around you - things you bought, things you are selling, collections, things you've seen, etc.
    • Interests topic acts like a visual bookmark of cool thing you see on the internet.
    • Add notes anywhere on the pic to describe cool or trivial details you wisht to share or remember.
    • Write a caption to describe the whole picture, set the date and time of when that moment happened.
    • Upload a photo from your computer from any page. Supports JPEG, PNG and GIF (not animated).
    • Import pictures from a URL, Facebook or Dropbox.
    • Use a webcam to post a daily account of your life.
    • Doodle your thoughts using our HTML drawing app.
    • Pics are displayed at 820px wide with unrestricted height. Maximum impact while loading fast enough.
    • Browse people's picture life in an easy to use, latest to oldest picture slideshow that loads reactions below it.
    • Keyboard navigation makes pic browsing so easy and delightful.
    • Dynamically colored datebox which turns bright for pictures taken during days and dark when it happened at night.
    • Like, Fave, Comment, Share and upcoming unique Actions around pics make PicLyf the best place for them.